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She's not a writer, she's a scribbler,

...and a slavering reader.

the shy girl in the corner

kickin' it



June 2nd, 2007


Inside a Broken Clock:
A Tom Waits Peepshow is a small-scale spectacular featuring dance, puppetry, and risqué vaudeville weirdness, set to the music of Tom Waits and played live by Austin's No Salvation Army Band.

This is not a literal peepshow, but instead a peek through the keyhole at the sin and salvation, the sweet nothings and sour grapes that make up the Tom Waits universe as we see it.

In the Broken Clock Cabaret you'll see one dancing bear, two fallen showgirls, three disgruntled gravediggers, and dozens of other oddities. From the big top to the back alley, we proudly present the arcane visions for numerous songs--concentrating on the strange world created by Waits and his wife Kathleen Brennan, from 1983 through the present.


Yeah, you heard me!

SHOWS AT 8pm & 10:30pm

Tickets for this cabaret usually sell out fast online,
so get yers as soon as you can.

May 14th, 2007

Yes ladies and gentlemen it's that time once again. We proudly present you.....

Inside a Broken Clock: A Tom Waits Peepshow. With dates in Austin....

June 14 & 15 at The Parish 8 & 10:30p Tickets go on sale today at www.brokenclockcabaret.com

And drumroll please we have dates in THE BAY AREA. I think I'm burgeoning.

Weds 27 June 2007: The Palms Playhouse in Winters, CA

Thurs 28 June 2007 12 Galaxies in San Francisco, CA
& Fri 29 June 2007: 12 Galaxies in San Francisco, CA

Sat 30 June 2007: Don Quixote's in Felton/Santa Cruz, CA

Sun 1 July 2007: Last Day Saloon in Santa Rosa, CA

March 22nd, 2007

Oh Texas.

kickin' it

Ummm…. Hi TX.


There's something I've been meaning to tell you for a while now.  Well it's been years I guess.  It's just never been the "right" time to bring it up.  So I suppose now's as good a time as ever.


Oh TX.


The spark just isn't there anymore.  I mean the last time I felt true love for you TX, I was a sophomore in High School, hanging out on the drag hoping people thought I went to UT.  Was it true love TX or was it just hormones?


Oh TX.


You've got some really awesome qualities that I adore and can't find anywhere else.  In what other state can you find Godly, Oatmeal, Cut-n-Shoot, Dime Box, Italy, Milan, Milano, Lebanon, Paris??  You're very worldly, but I think your trying too hard.  Yup you've got a pretty straightforward inferiority complex, always comparing yourself to things that don't.really.make.sense.  "Texas it's bigger than France."  OK that's just weird, like a flaccid cock size contest.  Because honestly TX what have you done with your immense size?  Super Wal-Marts?  Gated Suburban Enclaves?  And what has West TX done for anybody lately?  Those windmills are cool so….OK I'm getting off track here.


Oh TX.


I'm just going to come out and say it.  I've wanted to see other states for quite some time now.  No you're right.  It's not just "some other" state it's somewhere I've been before.  Yeah it's not just one state it's an entire region.  Yes I admit it.  I want to go back to the West Coast.


So TX.


I'm sorry I think we have to break up.  I know, I know, I know it's your house.  I'm the one who has to move out, and I will.  As soon as I save up enough $.  Um until then I guess I'll crash on the couch.  And we can still be friends right? 

January 18th, 2007

Flipping some one off while wearing mittens is only marginally effective; though the spirit of the gesture is usually conveyed.

January 13th, 2007

Broken Clock Cabaret

kickin' it

Once upon a time I did a show.  A show with music by this one guy.  (Everybody loves that Tom Waits guy).  And all the shows sold out.  Then we did the show again but before we did the show again I got nominated for a B. Iden Payne award for "Outstanding Lead Actress in Musical Theatre".   I did not win because I think a few people noticed that I didn't even sing one song.  But I still got to dress up fancy and go to the awards ceremony, and it was an honor to be nominated (and that's not sarcasm).

And now we are taking this show to San Fransisco; here is a trailer for this show.  And there are lots of pretty girls in this trailer.  And not to brag but I've seen 'em all naked.  AAAAAAAAAWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGA



ps can anyone tell me why my html isn't working????   I'm just cutting and pasting the world hates me

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January 12th, 2007

The ride to work II.

kickin&#39; it

<a href=http://meglomania.livejournal.com/47783.html?mode=reply> The ride to work I.</a>

As much as I relish in the fact that I don’t drive and therefore am polluting less, I tell ya, there are days when I would jump at the chance to drive.  Today being a perfect example.  It started out just fine, cloudy, damp, warmish.  It ended up soaking but still warm thank goodness.  I need to get a fender stat.  The mud stripe up my back is simply not becoming.


So in the second block of my ride we have the enormous apartment complex where  <a href="http://meglomania.livejournal.com/47465.html?mode=reply"> people don’t know how to drive.</a>  It’s not that pleasant of a place.  I’ve seen the promotional brochures and do they paint a fantastic picture.  Emphasis on the fantasy. Yes, they have a pool, but the places where the playgrounds are supposed to be are just squares of dirt.  And the only happy people I’ve seen there have been under three feet tall.


On the other side of the street is the home of the guinea fowls.  The guinea fowl run in a group of between two and four.  We are down to two now.  (I believe the holidays have taken their harsh toll on our poultry friends.)  Our neighborhood association has given the run on the neighborhood to these waddling monstrosities.  They are 5 times the size of a chicken with very attractive polka-dot feathers.  They’ve got mean looking mugs though, bald heads, big wattles, and freaky bony feet.  Apparently they think they are beautiful though because their favorite activity after scratching for bugs, is to stare at themselves in the tinted windows of local business.   You really haven’t lived until you’ve seen guinea fowl preen and squawk at their own reflection.


Next door to the home of the free-range birds is a teeny-tiny strip center which houses a Mac repair shop and church, with a carpet cleaning business in the church storefront during the week.  My carpet needs all the blessings it can get.

January 5th, 2007

I admit it, I am.

kickin&#39; it

You might be a hipster if you…


-were born before 1980

-shop in thrift stores

-are in band (or sleeping with some one in a band)

-hate hipsters

-own a pair of designer and/or enormous sunglasses or cowboy boots

-went to college and studied art (any genre)

-hate XXXXXXX  for selling out

-have had or know anyone with a byline in you local free alternative weekly

-know where to get the cheapest strongest drinks in town

-have body piercings or tattoos

December 15th, 2006

To the assohole who almost ran me down:

Are you aware that a left turner does not have the right of way? Because when you almost hit me turning left across oncoming traffic, you stopped and gave me a patronizing smile and waved me forward. As if I was doing something wrong.  Then your face crumpled into shock and dismay as I flipped you off.  I was going too fast for you to actually hear me, but I just wanted you to know what I screamed.  


November 28th, 2006

Bless me father...

kickin&#39; it
...for I have sinned. It has been…well, years since my last confession.

First off, let me say I’m very concerned for the environment and I do my part to help. I turn off lights, I buy recycled stuff, don’t use chemicals to clean, and I don’t drive a vehicle. And that leads me to why I’m here. You see, about a year ago I stopped driving. And this is when my recycling problem began.

When I lived in Seattle even if my apartment didn’t pay for recycling service there was bound to be a house down the street with a bucket or even better an apartment across the alley where I could dump my glass, plastic and paper. And Austin’s hip, you know. There’s a place on 9th and the freeway where you can drop your recycling off. So that’s what I did the first five years I lived here. I saved up a whole bunch of recycling; stashing it in drawers and cupboards and closets until I braved the swarm of bees by the aluminum can station. Broken glass? Not a problem. Sullen community service volunteers? Hey I know some of them.

What? Get to the point? Oh, OK. So a year ago car broke, blah, blah, blah. Out of habit I continued to stack the recycling in the corner of the kitchen. Then I couldn’t reach the spices and talked a friend into driving me down. But I only did that once or twice………………..and so…………………. i’vebeenthrowingawayallmyrecylcingforthepastninemonthsandifeelterribleeverytimeithrowanythingaway.

November 20th, 2006

The gun in Elgin.

kickin&#39; it
Once I found a gun in Elgin. If by found you mean saw something and then picked it up, then you took it home, dusted it off, fired a few rounds into the air and then put it on the shelf where you put all the cool things you have found. If that’s what you mean by found, I didn’t find a gun in Elgin.

But once I was sitting in the back of the van on the way home from god knows where. (There are a lot of Texas towns that you can get to from 290-Alvin, Houston, Hempstead, Conroe, Cut and Shoot-I’ve been to ‘em all.) I was staring at the ground flying by at 60+ mph, when we pulled up to a red light. In the weeds and grass by the side of the road was a revolver. At first I thought, toy gun, ‘cause you know I’ve spray painted a few of those orange-don’t kill the innocent young child making mischief-safety tips to create a wholly authentic piece of plastic weaponry. But then I noticed how very flat the resilient road-side greenery was around this toy gun. Then I noticed how large and heavy, the supposed piece of plastic was acting.

And as the light turned green I yelled from the back seat, “Hey you guys there’s a gun on the side of the road.” As we sped west into the night discussing how it got there, and about how we should have stopped and called the authorities but since it was 1:00 am we just wanted go home all I could think was…

I found a gun in Elgin.
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